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First iPhone App dedicated to offer evidence based improvements during training sessions of communication skills 
  1. Q
    Q: "Do you need to stop speaking time counting of one speaker and to restart timing the following one?"
    A: You can press directly the button assigned to the speaker that intervene with new ideas and his speaking time is starting to be counted automatically.
  2. Q
    Q: Can Communitrainer be used to monitor several training sessions?"
    A: Our app can be used to monitor several training sessions with separate individual descriptions
  3. Q
    Q: "Is it possible to use Communitrainer for more than six participants at the training session?"
    A: Yes it is possible. You'll have to maintain the name of the session but you'll have to write down the name of participants from the second group of six as well as their times.
  4. Q
    Q: "Is it possible to be used in training sports?"
    A: Yes, you can monitor the time of dribbling of each member of the team in football, basketball, handball, s.a.
  5. Q
    Q: "Can your app be used as a teaching tool?"
    One of the main application can be teaching. Groups of six can be trained to discuss different school subjects as history, geography, chemistry, s.a. Their speech duration about the session's chosen theme would be their performance.
  6. Q
    Q: "Which devices the app is working on?"
    A: The app is working with iPhone versions starting with iPhone 3, all iPad versions, and is compatible with all iOS versions.
  7. Q
    Q: "Is recording of the meetings possible for review later on?"
    A: Recording through Communitrainer app is not possible due to different types of restrictions the app flawless functionality needs to comply with.
  8. Q
    Is Communitrainer App collecting any personal data?
    Comunitrainer App is designed at the iTunes Appstore standards and no personal data will ever be collected by the app.